Our Services

Provisions and Bonded Stores

Over the past decades, people have grown conscious of what they put into their bodies. But the “clean” food comes with a hefty price tag. Companies today are juggling between meeting these needs while trying to cut costs and manage their own budgets. This is exactly where we come in.

We deliver fresh provisions in temperature controlled bins. While your crew enjoys fresh and healthy provisions, you benefit from cost-effective options and round-the-clock support from our team. They’ll be with you from the planning to the execution.

What else is in store?

Our mega warehouse has ample stock of licensed bonded stores and large freezer and chiller capacity.

General deck and engine supplies

We have an impressive inventory of high-quality and cost-effective deck and engine supplies, from detergents to nuts and bolts. Plus they come with a 12 month guarantee after delivery on board. All you need is to select the desired items and our team will take care of the rest from planning to executing.

Supplies for New Vessels

We have a team dedicated to support your initial supplies and provisioning needs during newbuilding and christening projects at shipyards anywhere in the world. We can also assist you to process claims under your shipyard guarantees.

Supplies for Vessels in Drydock

We have a team dedicated to support you while your vessel is in drydock, anywhere in the world. We support in planning and warehousing the supplies needed, ship containers with parts and stores to drydock and repair yards, manage logistics, and clearing of customs. Our partners also provide retrofitting services and logistics supervisors in China.

Repair, Maintenance and Fabrication Services

We extend our support beyond ship supplies.

Our network of global partners are certified across different classifications to perform repair, reconditioning, maintenance and fabrication services for your ships, above and below water.

We also provide financial and logistics management in case of emergencies or if you’re facing a crunch.