About Us

SINCE 1851

In 1851, Schaar and Niemeyer founded their namesake ship chandlery firm in Hamburg, Germany. Decades of local expansion followed as other ship suppliers in Hamburg merged their businesses with Schaar and Niemeyer. A century later, the brand was exploring opportunities for international expansion, particularly in Singapore. By now, the Strait of Malacca had become an important passage due to growing maritime trade in the region and busy seaports in Singapore. Finally, in 1993 the Asian headquarter of the firm was established in Singapore. This marked a strategic move amidst the rise of globalisation and growing international trade. 

Today, HMS Far East is renowned ship supplier, with presence in the region that runs close to three decades.

Besides Singapore, we have offices in Shanghai, Qingdao and Panama as well as a worldwide network of partners to serve your vessels in any port. 


Why Choose Us?

Ultra-modern warehouses

Here, HMS maintains an ultra-modern warehouse to European standards with an area of over 12,500 m².

International specialities

Our purchasing team ensures the availability of many international specialties and imports the best provisions, canteen and store items from around the world.

ISO certification

On the safe side: our location in Singapore is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and ISO 45001.

Reliable Logistics Management

With our spacious warehouses that are regularly stocked and equipped with latest technology, we ensure product availability and reliable delivery.

Devoted Support Squad

Need advice to curate your wine list? Don’t know what provisions to order? Our team is at your disposal for any queries you may have along the way.